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This board has been designed to connect one Arduino_atmega2560 board to two motor drivers TMC262-BOB60 v1.2 and allow moving two step motors with it. It is the core of a Insertion tool that has been designed to insert some shielding cassettes of 827 mm x 1756 mm (they are aluminum boxes filled with sheets of 7 mm lead and 30 mm 5% borated polyethylene). This shielding cassettes are inserted in an ad-hoc structure covering the CMS detector at LHC at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and protect the detectors agains the radiation field that permeats the CMS cavern during operation of the LHC collider.

The board has been designed in KICAD and you can find below all the relevant documentation.

A picture of an early prototype can be seen here (it has small changes with respect to the last version).



This board has been designed using KiCAD, the free and open EDA suite software (http://kicad-pcb.org/). We want to thank to the developers and the community behing this tool the great effort for improving and supporting it.