Technology transfer


One of the important characteristics of our group is that we have strong contributions in a large variety of technological developments in each of the research lines. These contributions cover a broad spectrum of capabilities, from detectors construction, mechanical and electronic designs, online software or computing infraestructure, and they tend to be very specific of the experiment in question. All of these technological activities have shown potential industrial return and various actions are taking place to perform technology transfer. If you need further information, you can write to:

In many cases, techonology transfer activities are developed in collaboration with the Technology Department at CIEMAT, in particular, with the Scientific Instrumentation Division. The capabilities and infraestructures to which we have access in the group can be consulted here:

The most relevant technical activities that are taking place at present can be consulted here:



In 2018 we created the Open Hardware License (OHL) website, with the aim to make publicly available a selection of the electronic designs developed by the Unit, following a legal framework to facilitate knowledge exchange across the electronic design community.

The OHL wishes to provide a tool to foster collaboration and sharing among hardware designers, being to hardware what the General Public License (GPL) is to software.