CIEMAT has developed a hardware design (technical equipment) that, in compliance with Article 37 of Law 14/2011, of June 1, of Science, Technology and Innovation, wishes to offer, in open access, to any potential user, subject to the acceptance of the following conditions:

  • The user will be allowed to use, copy, modify, communicate or distribute the hardware design object of this authorization, free of charge.
  • The user assumes all responsibility regarding the use of the design, against CIEMAT and against third parties who may be harmed by such use, keeping CIEMAT harmless against any claim, consequence, direct or indirectly, of the design use.
  • The user will have to mention CIEMAT, as developer of the design, in any publication, or communication of any type, which makes use of this hardware design.
  • When the design modification planned by the user is of such a nature that permits to recognize a different design, the user will inform CIEMAT.
  • The CIEMAT does not guarantee the precision nor the accuracy of the specifications associated to the design, and reserves the right to modify, withdraw or replace it, on its website, without prior notice.