Premio al Mejor Póster de la EPS

The researcher of the Particle Physics Unit and member of the AMS collaboration, Miguel Ángel Velasco Frutos, has been awarded the Best Poster Award of the EPS-HEP Conference 2017, held in Venice from July 5 to 12. The poster, titled "Measurement of anisotropies in cosmic ray arrival directions with the AMS Detector on the Space Station" gathers part of the results of the thesis of Miguel Ángel. The AMS experiment, aboard the International Space Station, is a magnetic spectrometer designed to collect cosmic rays and measure their properties, which makes it possible to search for antimatter and primordial dark matter as well as a detailed analysis of the composition and flux of the cosmic rays. In particular, the results presented in the poster include the measurement of the anisotropies in the directions of arrival of electrons, positrons and protons.